Possible Promotion

I try and keep my personal life separate from my professional life. Very few people at work even know I blog...actually when I think about it, I may have only told one or two people....and only in the vague sense "I blog" nothing more.
I also don't normally don't talk about work here on my blog. I work for a small and well known enough college (in it's field) and with today's social media-centric world you just never know who might stumble across; and the last thing I want is to have posts about frustrations with work.
However, I am steps away from a possible promotion I had to share!
When I was hired (almost) three years ago it was for an event coordinator position; then last year (after some office restructuring) I was promoted to being the Assistant Director of Student Life. I kept many of my old duties (new student orientation, organizing and planning graduation, advising our student government, etc) as well as adding a number of new ones (academic and disability accommodations, student health insurance, cultural competency and inclusion, etc).
All year long the Human Resource department has been sending me various management trainings and seminars....I think I've gone to a dozen at least. I've been "trained" in everything from wage laws, dealing with difficult people, different personalities working together, etc.
Well yesterday, my HR Director came into my office and scheduled a meeting for us to meet next week and "discuss" everything I have (or at least supposed to have) learned from the trainings. He says there will be a "verbal quiz"....I'm still not sure if he meant that or if it was just his dry sense of humor (which is very possible).
Either way this is the next big step in going from "Assistant Director" to "Director" (which was the goal all along for my boss and I and the real purpose behind the trainings). I am lucky to have such a supportive boss (her original hope was to have me skip over "Assistant" and go right to "Director" last summer) and she's planning on coming with me to the meeting with HR next week. She says so she can have a conversation afterwards with HR but I think it's mostly so she can be there to support me through whatever last hoops HR is going to make me jump.
My "interview" (for lack of a better word) is on Tuesday. My plan on Monday is to go over all the hand outs and notes I took from the last year of training and find some calm-zen-like centering so I don't freeze up when asked questions.
For now if you could send me good thoughts and juju my way.
Here's hoping for a(nother) possible promotion!


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