Stampin Up

blank card - embossed, stamps and 3D
A few months ago my girls and I are went to the Portland Women's Expo; that's where my sister K met the Passion Party gals and became a consultant as well as my cousin "Grace" met Jodeen and found out about Stampin' Up!

"At Stampin Up!, our wide assortment of rubber stamp images, stamping techniques, and designs have been helping crafters (re)discover and express their creativity and share this creativity with others." (-from their website)

Stampin' Up is a scrapbooker and crafters crack!
"Grace" chatted up Jodeen about her own mural business (Storybook Design). Jodeen offered "Grace" a free class for herself and a few friends. So this past Saturday we headed to "Grace"s house in Washington for Stamp Party.

I've been a scrapbooker in the past and love collaging, painting and making my own stationary. So I was super excited to dive into the crafts that Jodeen brought. We learned how to use their emboss machine and put together three projects.

I was slightly disappointed that we had to purchase the catalog (yes, it was only $5 but still) but after I started flipping through it you can see that it was well worth it!

green = someday; pink = right away;
yellow = project ideas
I tagged pages of items I hope to "some-day" purchase but a few that I'll be purchasing right away! I also tagged pages that have some great craft ideas that I want to try myself. The best item on my "want right away" is a postcard stamp; that way I can take my own art pieces and turn them into personalized post cards.

I also signed up with Jodeen to host my own party; were for only $10/person we will have five projects (instead of three with the free party). I have a feeling that "Grace" may have created a monster by inviting me to her stamp party.


  1. So cards are all so cute!

  2. Just found your site!!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you!

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