Sunny Summer Swap

Even though June is my busiest time of year - organizing and structuring a graduation ceremony with 20 staff workers, 75 faculty and board platform members, 100 graduating students and upwards of 1,400 friends and family member audience members - I still signed up for the June Sunny Summer Swap.

Obviously I have been going about the world only at 1/2 capacity (okay maybe less) because it wasn't until I was getting ready to write this blog did I notice my Swap Partner was ONE OF THE SWAP HOSTS!

Sarah, over at Fantastical Sharing of Recipes, didn't know what she was getting herself into when getting me as a partner! Haha. But I managed to get my head out of my ass into the game and put together a goodie box for her.

My box from her arrived yesterday, or I should say I got it out of the mailbox yesterday....I don't know how long it could have actually been sitting there....


Little does Sarah know that in those moments of me opening the box and unpacking my Sunny Summer Swap goods she became my hero and new BFF!! Look at the amazing things this woman sent me.

I'm always in need of a good travel mug. And was just thinking I needed a new one.
I was excited for a mini snake skin purple boot...and then I found out it had a manicure kit inside?! SCORE!!
I emailed Sarah that she just saved me money because I was in the market for some new nail polish! Love these colors.
And really I think she must be psychic or broken into my house to find out what books I needed to add to my bookshelf because these ROCK MY WORLD!
This was such an awesome experience. I wonder if it's a one time thing? I guess I could ask my Swap Buddy since she helped organize the whole shabang. lol

Yay for summer-time presents!
Okay now back to work.


  1. Glad you loved all your goodies - thank you for being such an awesome swap partner and thank you for joining in!!


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