M*A*S*H Themed BBQ

Do you have a television show that you know frontwards and backwards? That you can not only quote but find yourself being able to quote in most situations. For my family that's the old 1970s show M*A*S*H. Its the show we put on when we need a little mindless entertainment. The enjoyment is even multigenerational - my sister/cousins and I, my mother and her siblings, I even remember watching episodes at my grandparents home when I was five.
So when my cousin Grace came up with the idea to host a family Fourth of July BBQ with a M*A*S*H theme, we were all super excited. We spent months coming up with themed food (like Packo's Hungarian Hotdogs, WWII Surplus Beans, etc),
...finding decorations (hospital gloves blown up like balloons) and coming up with "outfits" (I found a "Hot Lips" tshirt, my mother wore her Rosie's Bar shirt and Grace made handmade M*A*S*H 4077 shirts for everyone).
We found pictures my grandfather had taken when he was stationed in Korea during the war and had enlargements around the patio. Grace and her mother did a great job putting the place together.
I did what I could to help including making signs of different M*A*S*H buildings (Post-Op, the Swamp, Rosie's Bar, the Officers Club) and the food labels. I bought us all martini glasses and put together a camp bulletin board.  
Everyone had such an amazing time we decided that this needs to become a family tradition and that our July 4th parties will be M*A*S*H themed.
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  1. This is great!! Thanks for sharing on DIY Showcase Party!!


  2. I found your blog on Social Sundays and am intrigued! I love your party idea! My sister & I are also HUGE MASH buffs. It drives my mom (and my husband) crazy. Party decor was great! So original!



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