Promotion Commotion!

A few weeks ago I wrote about a possible promotion in my future. It's one I've been working in all year (well really I've been working ten years in higher education to reach this point in my career). I attended a dozen management trainings since last August; learning to deal with difficult people, what my personality style(s) is and how it works/conflicts with others, labor and wage laws, etc etc. For a while I felt like I was thrown into a cycle of never ending meetings/trainings and nothing was ever going to come from them.

Then a faint light at the end if a tunnel started to shine. I met with Human Resources to "review" what I had learned/retained in the trainings. He had a few situationals lined up and wanted to hear how I might handle the situation: "No right or wrong. Just want to hear how [I] might react".... But as I answered scenario after scenario, and notes were being taken, mumbling a of "Perfect!" and "Exactly right!" We're heard. (Haha. No wrong answers my booty)

So then I was off to Baltimore for a conference in disabilities services (one of the new areas I oversee in my current position) with the assumption I would hear news about the promotion for another month or so. Well, you know what they say about assuming...

After conversations with my boss, and then the meeting with HR, I didn't doubt that I had earned the new position or that they wanted to give it to me. However, being a private institution our school is heavily funded by tuition dollars. So I assumed figured that I wouldn't know about the new job until the school had a better idea if numbers for next year.

Then yesterday afternoon, as I was saying goodbye to my boss for the evening, she casually asks what my schedule looks like for today. So we start looking at our mutual openings when she says nonchalantly, "I have your job offer here on my desk and I figured we should go over it all sooner rather than later."

Um...?? YES PLEASE!!!

So at 9:30am we reviewed the slight additions to my job description, and of course the salary offer...Here's to rockin' the highered world and looking good while doing it! ;-)


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