Swimsuit Shopping

Now I may love shopping and I may talk a big talk about loving yourself and your body but my kryptonite? The one shopping adventure that makes me want to crawl into the fetal position and hide under the blankets....swimsuit shopping.
A few years ago I found an adorable black polka dog skirted suit from Torrid and have loved the dickens out of it. To the point that the other day I realized the backend had started to not only thin...it simply shredded!
I put off buying a new one for a few weeks now, only because the thought of neon lights, full length mirrors and squeezing my bloated butt into nylon torture devices just was horrifying...my version of an interrogation room.
However, I leave Tuesday for a conference in Baltimore. The weather predicted is in the 90s and thunderstorms which means sticky, sweaty humidity. I needed a swimsuit. So Sunday I headed to Lane Bryant (where I'd heard they had a sale going on) and surprise surprise FOUND A SUIT!
I'm not just talking about found a suit that will be "okay". I mean I walked in, put on the first suit I had found and not only did it fit but it's cute and it was 40% off!
I've never had such an amazing experience shopping for a swimsuit! And it is just in time for my heated visit to Baltimore.


  1. That is awesome!! To find a bathing suit that you really like and it's on sale...awesome! Happy Friday!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. That is SUPER cute! Fantastic find, especially with it being on sale. :)


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