DIY Furniture

I love DIY crafts and projects as much as the next person...okay maybe not. Portland seems to be a DIY Mecca and people do tend to be a bit on the "extreme" side of DIYing. Let's try this again.

I enjoy DIY crafts and projects occasionally. But sometimes there are things I just want to be able to go to a store, pick out my shape/size/color and take home - no assembly required.

I was really hoping for a "no assembly required" coffee table.

For the last few years we've had these two beautiful bamboo bowl-like tv trays, side-by-side to act as a "coffee table". However, I have a couple 15+ pound cats that love sleeping in them and they've become a bit wobbly. So the hunt for a coffee table began.

I finally settled on a cheap-pressboard $20 build-your-own table from Walmart. I had just given up the search and figured even if it only lasts a year at least it saves the nice tv trays.

I HATE BUILD YOUR OWN FURNITURE!! After college I basically furnished my entire apartment in Ikea furniture (Ikea was only a block away) so I've done my fair share.

So there I was sitting on the floor putting Tab A into Slot B and trying to keep boards "E" from being mixed up with boards "F". In the end, I do like the table and is holding up nicely.


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