Nail Dress

I came across these the other day and just fell in love. I enjoy having pretty nails (especially with so much interactions with students and administrative meetings lately) but going to a salon is so expensive. My salon charges $5/nail so to have something like this would cost me a hundred dollars. So to find a product that that gave me fun designs for pennies compared to a salon just made my day.
I'd seen similar products but they were always $15 and up...some even requiring devices ($60+) that require LED lights and driers. So these $6 beauties that just stick on your nails were a fantastic find!

I was a little worried they wouldn't last through the first shampoo but they lasted over a week (as advertised on the front) and were super easy to put on. I had enough to do all my fingernails and my toes too.

I've since gone back and bought a few different designs (a herringbone and another being checkerboard). They were such a steal I figured stock up and be able to just have them on hand for the next time I want patterned nails (I went and had a mani/pedi on Tuesday with my staff so I'm set for a few weeks).
You just never know what goodies you're going to find when you're not looking.


  1. I had to click on this to see what is a nail dress. I was envisioning a dress made of nails. Like chain mail. Do you remember the American express dress?

    I am glad to see it it for fingernails. haha


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