Podnah's Pit BBQ

We'd been hearing about Podnah's Pit BBQ for a few years now. It's written up as one of the best BBQ places in Portland. Finally we went! While they had good food (the "chili" melted in your mouth) it's a 30min drive from our house...probably won't be a regular because of this. But it was sure good.


Podnah's Horchata (with rum!)

Frito pie with melt in your mouth chili

Brisket and pork rib

Combo plate - pork and beef ribs, brisket and chicken

Pecan pie


  1. I'm SO going there next time I'm in town. I love a good bbq spot.

    1. You have to. And if you're ever in the outer SE "Campbell's BBQ" is our closer-go-to spot. Pretty good food, huge portions and a nice variety of sauces.


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