Storm in the Heartland

I haven't had cable television in five or six years. My connection to TV shows are strictly through Netflix and Hulu, so I"m always about a year behind story lines. However, with the miracles of social media and networking these days (which, while I'm no expert I'm also no novice) how could I not hear about the VMA and America's Sweetheart Miley Cyrus?

Okay, I couldn't help it. After seeing still frame images, hearing about furry freaking and something about Beetlejuice I had to find a video of the train wreck (link above). It was like a awful train wreck. You couldn't help but watch, mouth open in shock and horror, wanting to turn away and unable to longer than a few seconds.

I didn't grow up watching Hannah Montana so I don't have any childhood memories being shattered (except I don't think I can ever look at a teddy bear the same way again).

And in the end I just feel sorry for her. Not because of this video but because everything she does is scrutinized and under a magnifying glass. She grew up a famous singers daughter, turned into an American Sweetheart on a child's TV network and now that she's an adult and looking to "find herself" she's doing so with the internet full of gifs and whispers of "that poor girl".

Yes, this performance scared the crap out of me - but not because she's a twenty year old woman expressing her sexuality and (twisted) creativity. She's not the first and won't be the last American Sweetheart to buck and grind, to thrust and make us think "naughty thoughts' (heaven forbid).

Let's just leave Miley alone and let her find herself. We've all been there (searching for our adult selves not emerging from a giant robot bear).

PS. "Storm in the Heartland" is a song her father sang.


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