Biwa - Check!

It's been a while since I've been able to mark off any of the places on my Portland Food Passport. But this past Tuesday, before going to the Pink Dress Gala, my sister K and I stopped into Biwa for dinner.

Biwa is "home style Japanese food" with everything from grilled (yakitori) small dishes so you can mix and match, to larger bowls of udon and a whole side menu devoted to sake!

 K and I had a smorgasbord (sorry I don't know the Japanese equivalent) of clams in sake and yakitori items - garlic (OMG), lamb (all me), shitaki mushrooms (all K), chicken breast, chicken wings w/ spicy mustard, skirt steak and pork belly.

Yum Yum! And one really cool thing we noticed on the bottom of our menus (as well as a note in with our check) is that Biwa charges a 5% fee to help make sure their wait staff and dishwashers are given a living wage AND have health insurance!

How awesome is that?! I'd be promoting this place even without that (because the food was so good) but that just is icing on the cake! Way to go Biwa!!


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