Bootilicious Exposed

Now when I say "bootilicious exposed" I don't mean something sexy like a Beyonce butt-bounce

or the Shakira jiggle

I mean something more like this was my Tweet after the fact

I was meeting my mother after work and took the bus out to where we were meeting up. I get off the bus and swing my large bag up over my shoulder and walk the block to where my mother's car is. As I open the passenger door she's pawing and reaching for me. I put my bag on the front seat floor and ask her what she's doing as I sit down.

"Reaching to pull your dress down" ....the bag had lifted my dress up over my hip and exposed one of my porcelain white thighs and butt cheek to the world!

OMG! I started freaking out.

Did I just flash an entire bus of people? Just the bus driver? I didn't put the bag on my shoulder until I got off the bus. 

CRAP! But there was the guy who got off the bus behind me and walked behind/beside me for the block while on the phone. (To which my mother replied "Well you know he was telling his friend ALL about it!)

Damnit! And what about those board bus riders who stare out the window as the bus drives. They got a show too! 

The next day when I told my coworkers (because how can you not share an embarrassing story like this?) we started coming up with "the positives"

At least it wasn't at work. 
At least I was wearing underwear.
At least they were full coverage and not a thong. 
At least it was only a small block. 
At least it wasn't in downtown.
And now I have another great embarrassing story to share. 


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