Homemade Breakfast Sandwich

For a number of years I was awful at eating breakfast. Just didn't feel I had time, wasn't hungry, blah blah blah. Every excuse under in the book. The last year or so I've been better at eating something - an egg, a breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito - and I've also tried to be better at making breakfast at home (rather than stopping some place on my way into the office).

Homemade breakfast burritos freeze really well but I was in the mood for something different. So this weekend I put together my own version of an egg breakfast sandwich - scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon on English muffins - wrapped them in paper towels and tucked in the freezer. 

fry the bacon

farm fresh eggs

one egg per sandwich

scramble as usual

toast up the English muffins

layer eggs, bacon and cheese - wrap and freeze
They looked delicious as I was assembling them and I can't wait to try one later this morning. Yummy.


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