Rustic Rellenos

Growing up in Southern California, I was raised on delicious Mexican food. A good plate of tacos tastes like home. So when we moved to Portland, where only 9.4% of residents are "Hispanic" or "Latino" (compared to my hometown with over 37%) and most of those are from Central and Southern America...GOOD Mexican food is hard to find. 

We've found two sit-down restaurants near us and a taco shop, all of which are "good-enough", but for the most part when we want Mexican food we make it ourselves. Both my mother and I love chilli rellenos, so the other night I had an idea to make a version of them here at home. 

Now traditionally the chilies are roasted and then battered in an egg mixture. However, after a long day at work frying was the last thing I wanted to do. So I made a more rustic version with stuffing the poblano chilies with a scrambled egg mixture, covering them in cheese and sticking them in the oven. 

They turned out delicious!


3 poblano chilies (or 1 per person)
4 eggs (1 per person +1)
1/2 can Chipotle pinto beans (S&W brand)
3TB Verde salsa
3 handfuls of shredded cheese (I used a Mexican blend)


Slice chilies length-wise down one side (creating an envelope or pocket) and scrape out all the seeds. Place chilies on foil lined baking sheet and under a high broiler, allow skin to blister and char (you can do this outside on a grill or on a stove top if you have a gas oven). Turn occasionally to char all sides. Once black and blistered place into bowl and cover with plastic wrap (this will sweat the peppers and allow for easier removal of the skins).

While peppers are sweating heat beans in skillet with verde sauce. Crack eggs into a separate bowl/cup and scramble - pour over beans.

As eggs are cooking, take chilies out of bowl. The skin will easily slide right off - discard skin and put chilies back on lined cookie sheet. Once the eggs are done being cooked stuff into chilies. Top with handfuls of cheese and place in oven (350 for 10min or until cheese is melted).

Serve with your favorite side dishes.


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