Sunflower Fields

It's not that I haven't been traveling recently. I've been to Southern California, Baltimore and Boston all within the last six months...but they've all been work related. And if you travel for work than you know it doesn't matter how amazing the city, how much fun you squeeze in or how much you enjoy the trip - work travel is NOT the same as a vacation.

So with this year's Labor Day weekend I decided I was going to give myself a real vacation. One of my besties just got home from a year in Costa Rica and I figured she was the best excuse to take some extra days off work (on top of the already long weekend), hop on a jet plane and spend some time relaxing.

My plane got in late afternoon on Thursday, so that evening (and the next morning for better photograph lighting) we headed over to Grinter Sunflower Fields.

Some of them were about the size of my hand while others were the size of my HEAD! You could pick them for a recommend donation of a dollar.

They had hay bales scattered around to take more aerial views (some people had brought step ladders), and little cut away nooks to take pictures amongst the flowers

I wish we had been able to go deeper into the fields (we tried and failed) but even with just staying on the parameter I got some beautiful photographs.


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