Tutus for Tatas

Well I'm home sick today (just been go-go-go lately and not getting enough rest so a little throat-bug found it's way to my body) so I thought I'd sit down and write some long over due blogs. Including this one "Tutus for Tatas*"

Next week my sister K and I are attending the Breast Friend's Foundation fundraiser "Pink Dress Gala" - music (including the Plain White Ts), food, drink and an auction to raise money for breast cancer research. Well obviously the idea is to wear PINK at the Pink Dress Gala....so we were both on the search for something pink to wear. 

Now I have lots of colors in my wardrobe but no pink, so this past weekend I went out shopping looking for something to wear. Now while I didn't find anything pink I did find this beautiful black lace 50's style cocktail dress (from Ross no less). 

Well I bought the dress just because I couldn't resist it...but then I realized if I added a pink ribbon, made a pink petticoat to peak out from underneath and finished the outfit off with a pink flower in my hair it would be PERFECT for the event!

So off to Fabric Depot I went and bought 10 1/2 yards of pink (various shades of course) tulle, ribbon, elastic and wouldn't you know a pink flower for my hair!! Within the hour - after folding, cutting, tying and twisting - I had a fabulous pink tutu for the gala!

because if pink is good...four pinks are even better
cut into 6in strips
nothin' prettier than a pile of tulle

separate by color
attach slip knot style onto elastic
I did a pattern, rotating the colors
even Asha likes tutus
all done!
 I promise to share the final outfit with you!

under the skirt.

*Note: it wasn't until after I wrote this blog that I found out there is a group/website "Tutus for Tatas". I am not affiliated or associated with this group but did want to give you their weblink in case you found me by mistake: http://www.tutus-for-tatas.com


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