White Tees and Pink Tatas

Last night my sister K and I went to the Breast Friends Foundation's Pink Dress Gala.

Why yes, those are the members of Plain White T's we're standing with....they were our dates. LOL

Actually they were the special musical performance and since we bought VIP tickets we had a meet and greet with them. K and I noticed that they all had beers in their hands and then would "hide" them for the pictures.

I'm glad K found the event tickets online because we had a blast. I had been sick last week and then had a lousy day on Tuesday but went anyway...and I'm glad we did.

The VIP room was catered by Elephants Deli (a yummy local catering company), we got gift bags (including coupons, candy shaped like boobies and bottles of wine), two free drink tickets and then of course meeting the Plain White Ts (oh and an autographed picture)!

After the meet and greet the band played.

Posh Lingerie was also there with their (crazy expensive) brassieres and corsets. They had set up a spin-the-wheel and win a prize game. I ended up with a Tshirt!

There were other companies too...an insurance company, a weight loss organization, etc. (blah blah) but they also had giveaways and raffles which is always fun.

Not only did we support a good cause, but we got to have a one in a life time chance of meeting the Plain White Ts, and hearing them live in a great/intimate venue.

Thanks sis for dragging me out of the house and making me go. Haha. Next month we have a sister date planned that includes dinner, costumes and murder......that's right a Detective Dinner show just days before Halloween!


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