Caramel Spoons

For the family Halloween/Autumn Birthday gathering this year, I made a warm spiced apple juice. And what goes better with apples than caramel?! So I thought I'd make some caramel dipped spoons to go with the warm juice. 

I'd seen things like this in stores before (sometimes chocolate or mint to go with hot cocoa) so I figured there had to be a few DIY Pinterest links out there to give me an idea with the caramel. Sure enough there was but so many of them were for making caramel from scratch. 

Now I love making things homemade all the way but after a long week at work, and battling this plague that has found me, the last thing I had energy for was scratch caramel. So I did a little semi-homemade version with store bought caramels...and I think they still came out great!

I wrapped mine up in plastic wrap, tied with a little natural fibers and put them in the refrigerator overnight before serving. They were a perfect addition to the tart apple juice.

The "How-To" Pictures:

These are definitely a "must do again"


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