DIY: A little extra feathers

My oldest niece turns five this month (where has the time flown?) and she's a fabulous balance between fairy princess and vampire hunter. She owns dozens of tutus, fairy wings as well as glow in the dark vampire teeth (she's going to be a vampire this year and has been going around telling people she's going to suck their blood. lol). 

So when it comes to birthday shopping we try to get creative - educational games, side walk chalk, books, etc. Recently we were at a Farmer's Market and she'd been eying some Mardi Gras masks, so we figured let's buy her some for her birthday. One we found was gold and glittery and with feathers and gems, the other was a simple purple butterfly shaped mask. 

Because she is a frills and fancy girl we decided to add some feathers to match the other. A little fabric glue, some feathers and tada!


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