Halloween Treats

Sometimes semi-homemade really is the way to go. While I love backing from scratch there are times when work and life is just too busy and it is easier to just toss things into a bowl. While these Halloween Treats were made with boxed Devil's Food (because what other kind of chocolate cake are you going to use for Halloween) I have learned a few little tricks to make the batter fluffy and more decadent.

Follow the directions on the back of the box but when it calls for water, use equal parts milk...instead of oil use butter and bake 25* cooler than the temperature on the box. These make for fluffy, moist and perfect cupcakes (haven't tried it for a cake but I can't imagine it would different).

I had a request that for the family autumn birthday and Halloween celebration I make my Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcakes. They were a hit as always.


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