Locks of Love

I've had long hair for years...most of my life really. There have been a few times when I've cropped my hair to my shoulders. Once, during college, I chopped it off to only about two inches long and bleached it blond. Recently though, my hair has been about waist length. I've had it tripped, shaped and styled but never beyond my mid-back.

However, when creating my 30-during-30 list I decided I wanted to not just cut my hair...I wanted to donate it to Locks of Love. So I've been growing it out for the last eight months and finally I decided it was time to chop it off. 

It does feel nice to know my hair is going to a good cause and not just in the trashcan. It also feels nice to have so much weight lifted off my head! We cut off the ten inches at home last Wednesday and then over the weekend I went to the salon to have it styled. 

Now, I know that when you show the stylist a picture of what you're looking for it's not always going to come out exact. People's hair is all different but I still hope that it at least looks similar. Not this time. I was so disappointed with how the lady cut/styled my hair. I was looking for more layers and framing around my face. In the end, I left nearly in tears because she used mousse and a diffuser on my curls and I felt like an 1980s poodle cut!

In my defense I did tell her, when she was "done" that it was too "bob" like and I was hoping for more obvious layers framing my face. So she did a few more minutes angling around my face but I still wasn't happy. So I headed home thinking maybe if I washed out the product and styled it myself I'd like it a little more.

Thankfully it did help. I'm still contemplating going to my regular salon (yes I was a fool and tried somewhere new) and seeing if they can help get it closer to what I was envisioning. At least for the next week or two I know I can style it to (somewhat) of my liking. 

And really, in the end, I just need to remind myself my hair went to a good cause and it always grows back.


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