Spiced Autumn Apple Juice

Our family is full of Autumn birthdays and we all love Halloween. So normally every October we get together to celebrate the Libras and Scorpios in our lives and have some delicious trick-or-treats together too.  This year, amongst other delectable delights, I made a Spiced Apple Juice for us to warm ourselves with after returning from the Pumpkin Patch. It came out delicious (and I'm not an apple juice drinker normally) and I had to share. I made this the night before, strained it and added it back into the original juice bottle. The next day I just poured it right back into the pot, sliced up an additional orange for presentation and served warm with caramel spoons. They loved it.


  1. OK This sounds SCRUMCIOUS!!! I'm gonna pin this one to our board!! THanks for sharing on DIY SUnday Showcase!

    Shelly @MinettesMaze

    1. Thanks Shelly. It was a huge hit and very yummy! If I had had whole cloves (or even ground cloves) I would have put those in too.


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