Lasagna = Love

This past weekend I visited a friend in Southern California. The weeks prior to my travel we were talking about  how I could help out for the weekend (it was a baby shower weekend so I knew she'd be busy busy). She asked how I felt about lasagna and asked if I could help make dinner on Friday night (since I was the first house guest arriving early afternoon).

Now I'm 1/2 Italian....3rd generation born. Meaning my grandparents were the first of our family born here in the states. We may no longer have anyone in the family that speaks Italian and we may not have known connections with organized crime.However there is one thing that is still very true...we love food. So the idea of trying to recreate my grandmother's lasagna was terrifying. But I gave it a shot.

SCORE!! Not only did it look and smell delicious but it also tasted amazing!! The guests raved about it all night and we ended up eating the leftovers the next few days. I was so proud of myself and how they came out. I just know my grandmother is looking down proud as can be!


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