Rekindle Your Relationship with these Tips (NSFW)

WARNING: This post contains adult content, sponsored by Adam and Eve adult toys and novelties.

Rekindle Your Relationship with these Tips by Nikita Weber

When you initially meet “the one,” your sex life is full of passion and pleasure. You think about this person night and day and can’t wait until you’re in that person’s arms again. As you two explore your relationship (and each other), you are full of an unrelenting infatuation that you feel will never go away.

But, eventually, it does and you are left with the same love and desire for your partner, but the newness has worn off. While you may not be able to go through the honeymoon period again, you can still reignite the spark in the boudoir. Follow these tips to spice things up in your relationship.

This is the year of the selfie, so taking naughty photos of yourself with your camera phone will come off more sexy than trashy. Surprise your significant other with a seductive selfie in order to add steam to your relationship. Although these photos are more of a cute, tongue-in-cheek way to turn him on, it’s important to still make them look good. Work on different angles and play up your cleavage and butt. Because you're the one taking the photo, you can take as many as possible until you capture the perfect pic.

Nothing puts flavor back into your sex life like hot lingerie and adult toys. And with the bevy of seductive lingerie and sex devices available, finding a few sizzling goodies is easy. If you already strut around in revealing bras and panties, try some new pieces that are even more revealing or a different style than what you typically wear. Along with your new alluring outfits, include additional items in your sex-life revamp like tantalizing sex toys. From vibrators to sex swings, Adam& Eve has plenty of products aimed at boosting your sexual relations and therefore making the bond between you and your partner better.

If you have the funds to spare, why not plan a sex vacation—or sexcation—just for the two of you? Pack a bag or two, head some place warm (possibly with a topless beach), and spend a few days basking in the glory of your partner. If you can’t afford a trip to an exotic resort you can easily turn your own home into a love lair. Spend a weekend holed up in your room with just the two of you, even if it means sending the kids to your parents for the weekend or kicking out your roommates for a day or two as you need complete solitude and privacy.

Pick up some massage oil and a few sensuous-scented candles from Bath & Body Works, along with some tips for giving a proper massage. Of course you’re going to want to add some extra zest, so, for additional sexy-time fun, throw on a racy outfit or costume, don some hot lingerie, or wear nothing at all. No matter how you spend your sexcation, make sure it’s full of electricity and pleasure.

Nikita Weber is psychologist and couples' counselor. She's a regular contributor to blogs that discuss sex and relationships.


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