Sunday, February 23, 2014

Turning Cocoa Beans To Chocolate

Anyone who knows me knows one thing....I'm a chocolate lover.  I once went on a chocolate tour of the city (chocolatiers, etc) and it was so fun learning about the process of making chocolate. So when I was approached to host a guest post about how cocoa becomes chocolate I had to say yes.

Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer who currently lives in California. She currently writes for Bellezza Spa’s Blog as well as other health and beauty sites. She loves reading about the history of simple things...such as chocolate. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We're Back

Hello long lost loves. I realize I've been off the grid and dormant for about a month. I promise I have a very good reason.

Over the last two years I've been the chair for my alma mater's HUGE 45th anniversary. I've been meeting, traveling and organizing a three day event and it was last weekend.

So this past month I have been ass-deep in flyers, programs, volunteers, last minute changes and cancellations. In the end it was fantastic though.

3 days
74 events
572 registered guests
~100 unregistered "just showed up" guests

PHEW! I'm exhausted!!

But now it's over and it is time to recuperate (i.e., I slept 12 hours last night). I'm excited to jump back into the blogging world and really do have lots of things I wish I'd been blogging about. I just could never find the time.

So accept my apology for being AWOL and I hope you jump back into the saddle with me. :)

Here are just a few pictures from last weekend.