We're Back

Hello long lost loves. I realize I've been off the grid and dormant for about a month. I promise I have a very good reason.

Over the last two years I've been the chair for my alma mater's HUGE 45th anniversary. I've been meeting, traveling and organizing a three day event and it was last weekend.

So this past month I have been ass-deep in flyers, programs, volunteers, last minute changes and cancellations. In the end it was fantastic though.

3 days
74 events
572 registered guests
~100 unregistered "just showed up" guests

PHEW! I'm exhausted!!

But now it's over and it is time to recuperate (i.e., I slept 12 hours last night). I'm excited to jump back into the blogging world and really do have lots of things I wish I'd been blogging about. I just could never find the time.

So accept my apology for being AWOL and I hope you jump back into the saddle with me. :)

Here are just a few pictures from last weekend.


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