Body Positive Christmas

I started following The Militant Baker a few months back. It was so refreshing to find a blogger where every post felt like she was speaking right to me. Jes is one of those writers, when I'm feeling down, I know I can jump to her blog or Facebook and either a post that picks me back up or at least gives me hope for a better tomorrow. 

Jes "The Militant" Baker is also one of the brain child's behind the upcoming Body Love Conference

"The Body Love Conference is a high energy, positive and progressive event where women can come together to build a community in a supportive environment while participating in revolutionary presentations and workshops."

The organizers have been planning and fundraising for years and are bringing an amazing group of speakers to cover topics ranging from 'How to teach body positivity to children' and 'The beauty of Aging' as well as 'Intimacy and Self Acceptance" to 'Reclaiming Self Trust'. 

Well for a few months I'd been watching as the list of presentations grew and grew. Wishing and wanting to be able to go in April. Finally an old friend finally told me that she'd bought her ticket and that I should go too. I don't know why I didn't think "I could totally go" before she nudged me....maybe I just didn't want to go alone? Maybe I didn't think it was really something meant for me? Either way she convinced me (okay it really didn't take much convincing) and I'M GOING!!

I'm headed to Tucson after work on a Friday, attending the conference - staying in Tucson for a brief 32 hours, before heading back home early Sunday morning. 

The event is still a month away but I'm so excited! I keep checking back to the conference website looking for more information and updates. It's like Body Positive Christmas!

Getting to hear some amazing
ladies speak.
Attending  my first non-work related conference.
And getting to reconnect with an old friend
while making new ones. 

Can't wait!!


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