Breaking the (Fashion) Rules

Every "big boned"..."husky"..."chunky"... "plus size" and/or "fat" wo/man most likely grew up being told not to wear stripes. That it would make us look wider, like a circus tent, like a barrel with rings emphasizing our "worst parts". 

This "fashion faux pas" has been passed along for generations that you'll often hear someone of slender or average body size saying the same thing. 

Just last week, our students had a "Spirit Week" with themed days - including Stripes. My office mates and I were talking about how to coordinate together for the following day and discussing how limited some of their closets were of stripes and archeological excavations were needed to pull out the one or two stripped pieces. One coworker, who I consider of average height and body size, said how she doesn't wear stripes because they "make you look huge". 

It makes me sad that fashion "rules" today have limited so many people's available wardrobes...especially those who are larger than "average" (i.e., not super model slender). If you're a larger sized person you:

Shouldn't wear bright colors, because it draws attention to your "problem areas".
Should wear black, because it's slimming. 
Shouldn't wear stripes, because it makes you look huge. 
Shouldn't wear/carry small accessories. 
Shouldn't wear tight clothing. 
Etc. etc. etc. 

The list just goes on forever it seems. 

For years I followed these ridiculous rules because that's all I ever to hide  my body.  Finally ten years ago I said enough was enough. I was tired of limiting what I could wear, what I was attracted to, because someone, somewhere at some point in "time" thought I shouldn't. 

If I want to wear stripes I will. And by god I'm going to rock them!

I'm a believer that you should wear what you like. Wear things that flatter your body, your personality, your sense of style.


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