Celebrating Spring

In Portland it rains most of the year...not a heavy down pour, mostly a sprinkle or mist (more or less). Still it can get depressing once spring comes around and winter cabin-fever has set in. So the first sunny days (even if they are only in the high 60s) are cherished by everyone.

Portlanders come out of their caverns and point their faces to the sun (I call it doing the lizard). We throw on sandals and shorts, head to the park or falls to play in the sun. Last weekend we headed to the Chinese Gardens in downtown.

We strolled the walkways, sat under pagodas, ate in the tea house, and simply enjoyed the nirvana atmosphere. So beautiful:

I love going all times of year - there is always something blooming or deep evergreen. And this time we took my Aunt J for her first time. We all had a lovely afternoon and I can't wait for the sun to come back (yes, it's once again over cast) so we can head to the zoo, the Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden and Multnomah Falls.


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