DIY: Dryer Sheets

Do-it-Yourself projects just flood the internet and social media. Sometimes I try and tackle the projects and than others I just have to giggle and shake my head. I know my limitations. Recently though I came across a "How to Make Your Own Dryer Sheets" instructions and felt I had to try it out.

There are somethings in our lives that are just wasteful. Every load of laundry has a dryer sheet and that just means added waste. So the idea of being able to have a more eco-friendly alternative is wonderful.


Your favorite/preferred liquid fabric softener
Tight sealing container


Places sponges in container and fill with fabric softener. Let sponges soak up softener. Wring out a sponge and toss into the dryer with clothes. The sponge will come out dry, just replace into the storage container.

I've been using these homemade dryer sheets for about a month now. My clothes come out static free and no different than using the throw-away sheets.

Do-It-Yourself Success!


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