Getting a Life

Now that a major time consuming life event is over I am suddenly finding myself with more free time. For the last few months my free time was spent answering emails, creating spreadsheets, designing catalogs and brochures....basically spending my time getting ready for the biggest event in my life so far. 

Now it's over. Now I have time. 

I decided I needed to be spending this "free time" doing something for myself...something that gets me out of hte house...something that isn't lying on the couch watching movies. 

So while I still have this fire in my belly I started looking up local activities/groups that will draw me out of my hermit hole. Including a yoga studio devoted to body acceptance/positivity and a Burlesque workshop. 

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The yoga studio is led by a woman (Anna) who has been teaching yoga for over the last 12 years and devotes her studio to body acceptance and opening yoga up to everyone. I know a few ladies who have been going to her studio for a while and speak highly of her. 

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So today I gave the studio a call and booked the next three weeks (2x a week) to start the introduction classes. I've bought a sports bra and am picking up a yoga mat this Saturday. I can't wait to start Monday!

As for the Burlesque's hosted by a local burlesque school and is focusing on movement, hair and just being sassy...finding your inner burlesque queen. Oh, did I forget to mention it was FREE!

That course is happening this Sunday and I'm sure I'll be writing about it next week. 

All in all I'm just glad to 1) have some time on my hands to pursue "hobbies" and 2) find the passion and eagerness to break out of my introverted shell and meet people. 

Here's to getting a life!


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