Playing in the Dirt

After blogging earlier this week about how spring has sprung I couldn't help but go play out in the dirt. 

About three years ago I bought a half-dozen tulip bulbs in pots, for my sister's bridal shower. The center pieces that weren't taken home by guests just came back to my house and have been living/blooming in the same pots ever since.

Last year I realized that the blooms weren't as nice, looking a little droopy, not as many blossoms, etc. So this year I decided to transplant the remaining live bulbs from the multiple little ones to one larger one. 

I finished the replant, and left the pot on the patio chair. Than this afternoon when I got home from work I found the container ON IT'S SIDE! I think one of the chubby squirrels that live in the back yard was confused and thought his nuts were in my flowers. *sigh*

So I changed clothes and went digging in the dirt again. Hopefully the poor bulbs survive and bloom this spring. 


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