The One That Got Away

We all know about the concept of "the one that got away"  or having an ex who just doesn't understand when it's over....but what happens when you turn out to be "the one"?

Mr. HK and I haven't dated in years and yet every six months or so he comes back into my life to say "Hi". We share a few moments of back and forth polite chit chat.

But this time the conversation went further than "how is work" and noncommittal "what have you been up to". This time the conversation jumped from "we should hang out" to "I want to make it work".....

What the....???
How the....???

Okay so I didn't say that in response. But I did tell him that it wasn't going to happen....ever.

I know what it's like to get a booty call.
To be someone's fall back.

But I never thought I'd be "the one that got away".... I'm still not sure I 100% believe that this wasn't a booty call....

...maybe it's because I never felt I could really trust what came out of his mouth. Or maybe it's just because I'm feeling like I'm not worth being someone's "the one"....the BF and I are over (again) and I'm just not sure how to feel or move on.

Let alone then emotionally process an ex contacting me saying he want's to "work it out"....

I guess I'm just a little confused right now.


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