First Date High Five!

Alright I realized I just grazed over having had a first date (see last post) and never did say anything more about it. So here it is, YES I went on a first date and with someone in my timezone (technically he isn't in my state but just over the state border - maybe 20 minutes).

Okay back up....and yes I'm going to make what was months of unhappiness, broken promises, false restarts and finally an anger filled break up story ridiculously quick (this is after all a post about a first date not a break up). Mr. NJ and I broke up. After two years of being together I just couldn't do it anymore (see above rant). So I ended it during the holidays....there was a few weeks of "trying to make it work" but when you then stop hearing from someone for over a month (again) you just get fed up. ...So exit Mr. NJ.

It was one of those break ups where there was swearing and screaming and name calling...but all behind his back, because after all the jerk wad wouldn't return phone calls. So it didn't take long for me to decide I needed to get back in the game and try to find someone local. Because after all it doesn't matter how special a bond is, how good a relationship seems, at the end of it all I want someone who will take me out to dinner on a Friday night or who will curl up on the couch and watch an old black and white movie with me.

Since I'm not one for singles night at the local biker bar and (despite what people seem to not want to believe) I AM an introvert, I once again turned to online dating. This time I signed onto a site that a gf of mine met her beau (now fiance) through. I emailed with a few local gents and then a few weeks back got an email that the "Graphic Designer" had Favorited my profile.

Trying to be the me that exists everywhere else except in dating (read: assertive, going after what I want) I wrote to him. We haven't stopped writing since. Emails multiple times a day every couple of days has turned into text messages every day (some days it seems we text from morning to night). Then about a week and a half ago we finally went on our first date.

It was the quintessential first date - talking over coffee.

He drove from his place down to my work, through traffic just to catch me between meetings. Sat at a corner table and talked for 45 minutes straight. No uncomfortable silence. No awkward questions trying to fill space. At some point in the date he even took my hands across the table and we held hands through the rest of the date.

Finally I had to head back to the office, damn those students. But he walked me from the bistro over to my office and we stood talking for a few more minutes before we parted ways. (Okay yes, there is more to that story but I don't kiss and tell). Within 30minutes of leaving me he had texted asking what I thought, if I enjoyed myself, if I wanted to see him again.....

It was to try and find time in our schedules for a second date.....


  1. My online dating experience was freaking awful. I was on and lasted only 2 weeks. I never met anyone, the emails were just really bad and the quality of men was depressing. However, it gives me home to see that you had such a good time on your first date, that is so exciting! And Mr. NJ - I am so glad you got away from that. WHO DISAPPEARS FOR A MONTH? I would never give that a man a second thought.


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