Must Haves for Spring

I've never been one to necessarily "follow fashion". I have always felt I either seasons ahead of my time (doing messy buns and ballet flats seasons before they hit the red carpet) or I'm decades behind (falling in love with 40s style curls and Americana classic lines). 

I've been a lover of fashion for years though. I'm not sure what the transition was or why it happened when it did. I just remember being a strictly jeans and tanks girls in high school (it was what was easiest during theater rehearsals) and a tank top and sarong skirt freshman year of college.

Somewhere between my junior and senior year of college I found a love for stilettos, color coordination and stylish handbags (maybe it was because I knew I'd be going out into the "real world" soon enough). 
Here I am now, 31 years old with knees that can't handle high heel stilettos, still exploring and finding my "style". 

As I said I'm not necessarily someone who feels whatever is "in" must be followed religiously...I still am interested in what trends are around this season (mostly to see if I'm going to get to go shopping in department stores for new finds or thrift stores for last seasons rejects). 

This spring seems to be pretty in line with my already existing fashion tastes. According to Elle magazine the top 10 must haves this spring are:

  1. The tiny lady bag (yea....not going to happen. I have a few small purses but usually they're inside a larger one!)
  2. The trench coat (I have a black and red one already)
  3. High waist jeans (not sure I understand this so I'll stick with the jeans I own)
  4. White shirt dress (Shirt dress - yes. White - not for me! I'm too messy haha)
  5. The Stripped Something (see this post. I own a number of stripped shirts, skirts, etc)
  6. The ballet flat (I own a number of these already....but I prefer pointed toe flats)
  7. Moto Jacket (I've been looking for a black motorcycle style jacket for a while. Maybe this season I'll find one I like)
  8. Lightweight sweater (I live in the PNW....I own a small handful of these)
  9. Sundress (I love sundresses and own a number already....doesn't mean I won't be buying more)
  10. The baseball hat (Soooo not going to happen. I'm not a hat person let alone a baseball hat kinda girl)
Which of these top trends are you most excited about?


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