The Art of the Tease

I've been enamored by, adored, inspired by and fascinated with burlesque for years. It's an art for that welcomes women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. It's an art form. An expression of versus an exploitation of sexuality.

Now I'm not talking the Christina Aguilera and Cher movie (although fun, it wasn't true burlesque). I'm also not talking about envying or wishing I was Dita von Teese (although beautiful and a modern burlesque queen).

I'm talking old Hollywood glamour and vaudeville. Not Vegas style clubs where you go to see some woman take her clothes off but where the purpose was the tease and art of seduction.

There is a school of burlesque here and they have monthly sponsored classes and workshops. Earlier this month I (and my cousin Grace) attended one together. The fabulous Ms. Phoenix taught us not only the proper way to walk in heels (which has always been a pet peeve of mine - women walking like Clydesdale or linebackers) but also how to work on audience, connect and seduce with our eyes.

The class was only a few hours but it was just fabulous. Grace and I agree that we want to make it a standing monthly date for her and I to attend the workshops together.

It's also made my interest and passion for burlesque increase...however, there is some personality (work vs pleasure) conflicts and I'm doing what I can to find the balance between the two...because I want nothing more than to sign up for the next Burlesque 101 class that is being offered in only a few weeks.

It'd be a life changing opportunity. A chance to become more comfortable in my skin, to find live out a life fantasy of mine, to feel glamorous and seductive like the burlesque queens in history.

*sigh* I promise to share updates and news once this internal struggle has been settled...for now I leave you with this....


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