Navy as Neutral

I'm sure I'm not alone, when for years I only thought of black/white/brown as the limitation of "neutrals". Over years of learning to find my style more, of fashion blog following and embracing options and variations I've come to finally expand my view of "neutrals".

So when I recently I bought a beautiful navy sundress I was thinking of only the white shrug I owned...the navy would be the color and the white would be the neutral.

But the  more I pulled out of my closet the more variations and options I'm finding for this one dress. Such as my emerald green shoes, shrug and a teal/navy necklace set I own.

And I'm trying to decide what I can accessorize this salmon cardigan - which I love with the navy dress. I'm thinking pearls....

I love when a single new piece can expand my wardrobe by an additional three outfits!

What is your favorite versatile and you can use multiple ways?


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