Body Image Research (Week 2)

(Catch up on my participation in a Body Image Study here and here)

Week 2 started off much more like I thought this study would be...a soft voice telling me that "No one can give or take away your permission to love your body", that we "are a spiritual being having a physical experience" and discussing how when you love yourself/body will help other pieces fall into place, confidence increases, less stress worrying about hiding belly rolls.

Gave us the mantra from Hillel the Elder "If I am not for me, who will be for me?"

The podcast discussed and broke down the myths behind some common excuses/reasons that stop many if us from self acceptance - being surrounded by others who also hate their body, media/society days my body isn't perfect, etc.

The last being "I don't know how to love my body" So the second half was small ways the author uses to find simple pleasures in her body. She has "instant body image boosters" as she calls them.

#1) wear bright lipstick - use it as a symbol that you want to be seen by others.
#2) wear your favorite clothes and no saving clothes as "special occasion only". Turn even a too casual or fancy dress into everyday clothes with a sweater, etc. She even suggests, if you wear a uniform to wear sexy underwear underneath.
#3) only wear clothes that fit or modify them to fit; belts (i.e., tanks under shirts that don't button) since tight clothes are distracting and you focus on areas you are unhappy about.
#4) a good concealer, love face pimples and all, but it will help you stop fixating on imperfections
#5) wear perfume - another signal you matter and every time you smell it's a reminder

The first day I heard listened to the podcast these really stuck with me. Sure they can sound a bit "superficial" but in the end they are just tips and tricks for decorating your temple (body). They're also things I've tried doing over the years (okay not the perfume one being that I have a sensitivity to fragrances).

Even on the weekends, when just running to the store, I'll slap on some of my red "Top Tomato" red lipstick. When I'm feeling lousy (either about my body, am under the weather a little or just feeling blue) I know the nicer I dress the nicer I feel....and who doesn't feel sassy with matching bra/panties. haha

The tip that really struck me (that I don't/didn't already do) was this idea of taking 100s of photos of yourself in bad lighting and at bad angles. To learn not only what angles (and such) are flattering for yourself but it helps you become more accustomed to what your body looks like. This way you become more forgiving when someone else takes less flattering pic.

She also suggested, take good pictures...focus on lighting, outfits, makeup and then post them. So you are controlling your self image....that I feel less compelled to do. If only for the reason that I already working on (being happy with pictures of myself) but it's the idea of taking intentionally BAD photos that intrigues me.....

The last few seconds of the podcast (which always feels to end very abruptly) reminded us that when you look at pics don't scrutinize how you look but rather look at the event. Remember the people. How excited and loved you were at that that time.

(Today we were sent the link to the final week of podcasts....we'll see how it goes but so far I don't think the podcasts have really changed how I see myself or my self-image).


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