Body Image Research

Week 1: Day 1

I definetly feel defeated after this first listen. Reminded of the stigmas and prejudice we all put on our bodies (our own and others). While it was nice to hear about the HAES movement the podcast spent majority of the 20 minutes talking about myths of dieting and "obesity". However to simply list the principles of HAES at the end, rather than focus on each and how we can attain these, was depressing. 

If anything I feel less empowered and embracing of my body now, after the podcast, than before. I'm now highly aware of my thigh touching the person next to me on the bus. That I cross my arms to become as little as possible in my seat. 

Perhaps as I listen to this podcast again (2-4 more times) I'll be able to find and focus more on the messages of hope rather than defeat. 

As the day went I don't think I felt any better about myself. Felt very aware of my size but also my face.  Felt washed out, green/grey, not beautiful. Walked by attractive man and thought I look like crap, why would he be attracted to me. Then later that night, when I was show attention I indulged and allowed for attention I think is very unlike me. Not something I would have allowed in the past. 

So this morning I now feel guilty and "tainted". As for my body, I put on a cute new outfit, dolled up my hair and applied red lipstick....the three tools in my belt that help me find my inner coincidence. 

Time to listen to the podcast again. Let's see how it goes.

Week 1: Day 2

Compassionate alternative to the war on fat - HAES

Very focused on those wanting to get skinny...and while the message is trying to bring forth the myths of health and pursuit of weight loss being harmful. However the overly rehearsed voice (with sounds of pages turning in the background) almost bordering on monotone- has it difficult for me to listen and hear this as inspirational or body love affirming. 

I encourage and support more people learning about HAES...but I still feel defeated and a sense if sadness after this podcast.

I'm planning on listening to it one more meet the three day minimum for listening to the podcast. I just hope the podcasts get a little more hopeful.


  1. I hope this series gets better! It is a very interesting concept, though. And I hope you can learn not to feel bad about your body. It's a tough obstacle in our society as women, but I think there can be a balance of accepting our beauty/sex appeal and yet understanding how superficial it can be. I look forward to hearing more of your perspective on this!


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