DIY Technology for the Win!

Caution: This is not a "How To" post, this is simply me being proud of an accomplishment and wanted to share. Please either do your own research or consult a professional.
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A few years ago the screen on my old Dell laptop just died. I hooked it up to another computer monitor and was able to move my photos and documents to my removable hard drive...and then something happened and it stopped working... 

So the laptop went into the closet and I bought a new one. 

Don't know why it took me so long to get around to recycling the old thing, or what to do with the hard drive. But my mother's company was offering free e-cycling and so we got out the old computers and printers and I decided the time was right. I flipped over the laptop and without any help found the hard drive!!

Okay, truth be told I accidently pulled it out and had to take a picture of it. I posted it to the trusty Facebook and tagged it "Is this the hard drive?"....SCORE!! It was. 

Next step I called an old friend of the family, who runs a computer repair company, to see what my options were. He walked me through a few different devices and I settled on buying an encasement to turn my hard drive into a "external junk drive."

This weekend the case came in and it was time for me to figure out what the hell I was doing. Haha. Damn thing came with Ikea style picto-gram instructions. Ugh. 

 It took some examinging the "directions" over and over....a few attempts at getting the teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy screws into the holes but eventually I got the hard drive into it's case!!

From there I plugged it in, and was able to move the remainder of my file from it to my new laptop. We're talking thousands of music files saved from permanent deletion. *phew*

The next step was to figure out erasing the data and reformatting the drive so I could use it as a junk drive. 

....TA-DA!!! I did it!!! And all by myself. No tech support to walk me through, no giant IT bill because it's something I did. All. By. Myself!


  1. Grats and I am very impressed! My husband has been telling me how much we need to buy an external hard drive for pictures and stuff. Wonder if I could do something like this. We have 2 computers not in use right now.

    1. Thanks. I was amazed how easy it was to do! And as long as it's not your harddrive that's damaged I don't see why you couldn't so it. I


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