I. Am. Beautiful.

Earlier this month I was tagged in one of these "post 5 pictures of yourself" challenges and it was easy enough. Then a friend tagged me in this "post 5 pictures that make you feel beautiful about yourself" challenge and I found it so much harder.

For years I avoided the camera, or when I did allow myself to be photographed I would look away/stick out my tongue/flip the bird/etc. A few years ago I started to change my outlook on being photographed. I didn't want years and memories to come and go and have no evidence of my participating....this is what truly sparked my work towards self-acceptance and body love. Today I have (apparently) over 700 pictures of myself on Faceboook. However, today, when asked to pick 5 that I felt beautiful in...it was still a struggle. Of the 774 photos these are the only 6 I looked at and could honestly say "I look beautiful".

Now I'm not saying this looking for readers, friends and family to fill my comments area with "you're gorgeous" and "pretty lady" feedback. If anything I ask that you don't.

I am sharing this with everyone and just ask that you look in the mirror and tell yourself "I AM BEAUTIFUL" and share with us five photos that you feel beautiful about yourself. 

Self-love and acceptance of our bodies needs to start with ourselves...but that doesn't mean we can't support each other in our process. Will you join in the movement?


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