If I Could Turn Back Time

I'd do it all over again!! What am I talking about you ask? The Cher D2K (Dressed to Kill) concert my sister K and I went last week!!!

Somewhere, not so deep, inside me is a love child between Diva and a Drag Queen and sprinkled with some Glitter.....AND because Cher in concert wasn't enough to make this girl all giddy....freaking Cyndi Lauper was her opening act!!!

And why not? I mean when you're a mega icon like Cher no one but a fellow icon could be your opener. Cyndi in her giant red wig kicked off her shoes, danced in circles, came down into the audience and laid in people's laps. She swore, called herself a prick and told stories between numbers.

Once Cyndi had finished her set I was already feeling the surges of adrenalin (and not just because I was hanging on the edge of an upper balcony seat hoping I didn't plummet to my death). I was so excited and wasn't sure how on earth I could get any more energized.....spoke too soon!

Oh....that's how I get more excited!!!!!

Cher is 68 and still just as stunning (if not more so) than 40 years ago. This truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so glad I got to share it with my sister.


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