Improving Body Image

A few days ago I saw this post on Facebook:

As someone who has been working hard the last six years (or so) to find love for myself and my I clicked "Read More."

The sign up was pretty easy. A few demographics questions, and a pre-survey (took maybe 10 minutes) asking me to rate differnt statements (self acceptance, feelings of self worth tied to image, etc.) and then I signed up for the podcast website.

Right away I listened to the Introduction.  It talked about mainstream media's opinion on beauty. How it ties to self worth our view of success. Recommendations on looking to internet to break this cycle through blogs, the newest Dove campaigns, as well as other cultures view of beauty and art.

Titian's Venus

It then went on to discuss the three podcasts that would follow:

Week 1 Health At Every Size (HAES) - for those unfamiliar go here.
Week 2 - Reinforcing love of our bodies - "Negative thoughts about ourselves is limiting at best and destructive at worst." and finally
Week 3 - What happens when we stop hating our body? When we face these negative thoughts. 

It should be an interesting experience, and I'm always open to trying to work on my self esteem and self image. I'm planning on posting regularly over the next month with thoughts, feelings and updates as the program progresses.


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