Leach Botanical Garden

One of the things I love about Portland (and Oregon) is the number of hidden away gardens and little paradises not just out past the suburbs but also tucked away within urban communities. Just recently I discovered the Leach Botanical Garden only a five minute drive from my house.

Seventeen acres of various themed "gardens" (rock, evergreen, desert, etc.) with so many beautiful nooks and crannies. So it was of course one of the first places I thought about when my cousin Grace asked me to be the photographer for her maternity photos.

This November she'll be around 7 months pregnant and is interested in not only maternity photos but also some family portraits. She has one daughter and her partner has two boys....and now with a little one of their own on the way they're a regular Brady Bunch. So we want to capture the love of this combine family.

Grace and I went to visit Leach earlier this month to see if it would be a possible location for photos. She and her family go hiking regularly, but their "usual spot" won't be ideal for her to be climbing around at seven months pregnant. The various gardens and nooks that Leach has she thought was perfect - very similar flora to where they hike.


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