Meet Ash's Dollhouse

I love having artistic people in my life. I become both inspired and envious of them. One person that seems to just blows my mind with every new art piece, craft and photograph she cousin Aisling Marie.

Here are just a few of the amazing creations that ranks as my favorites:

I just love seeing new accessories and crafts (like these awesome dinosaur bookends) that she posts on her Facebook account so I realized I needed to stop Bogarting the Aisling and share her with you.

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Here's a few "Get to Know" questions:

How long have you been doing crafts? I have ben doing crafts since forever heehee, my mom got me a Martha Stewart candle making kit when I was 11 and then a soap kit, then I got a jewellery kit, so I did those. Then when I started photography at 16, I started dressing up my friends and started making their fascinators and hair accessories. Then I made them to sell to the public at about 23 to now, 27. (gonna be 28). 

What made you decide to start selling them? I decided to start selling them because people, models and friends and family started saying that I should sell them. So I did my first market and then pop up shop in Canterbury, Kent, England, I also sold at a light festival in Cheriton, Kent, England. My earrings, flowers headbands and accessories and a few sculptures are in an awesome vintage/art shop in Folkestone, Kent, England at the moment called Skylarks.

Where do you get your inspiration? I definitely get my inspiration from nature, I love animals and flowers. I lived in the country for a big chunk of my childhood in Bonita at Grandma Carleen's and Grandpa Brian house. There were wild horses that ran in that back and just wild fields all around. Then living in Sydney there was a whole new flora and fauna to appreciate and again in england and Northern France is different again. I would live in the country with animals and a garden over a flat in any city. 

What has been your favorite piece? Hmmm... my favorite piece I ever made, let me see... is this pill box hat (image below), because the little pearl hearts are from a table decoration at my parents' wedding and my mom let me have it to use.

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Can you see now why I wanted to share her talents with everyone? Aisling has an Etsy store, but currently she is only taking custom orders. All preexisting merchandise is being sold out of a boutique in England. But here are a few more of my favorites so you can see the range of her work:

 I hope you enjoy Ash's Dollhouse Collection as much as I do and if you're interested in talking with Aisling about custom work please email her at


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