Body Image Study Final Week

Since I'm on vacation this week I'm going to keep this short and admit that I didn't complete the third week of the body image podcasts. If you remember I felt the first week to be very disappointing and bringing more self hatred to the surface than I expected bringing up all the reasons that women today hate their bodies, myths and the like. Talking very little on the HAES concept and community. Week Two was much better giving positive affirmations, quotes and mantras for us to remember. Tips and ideas on not only embracing but finding ways to love your body. This week, in my opinion, was a serious step backwards. Instead of focusing and building on the work from last week the podcast focused once again on the pressures of media, the stereotypes and loneliness that comes with media's perceptions of fat people. I listened to the whole twenty minutes and never listened again. After weeks of listening to the podcasts 3-5 times a week (as instructed) I just couldn't bring myself to listen to this again. To listen to what I've known, listened to what I've experienced for years, what I've fought so hard to over come. Truly I think they should have thought the podcasts and resources them: Week 3 becoming week 1 -describing the stereotypes that exist and struggles of hardships out upon fat people. Week 1 becoming week 2 -introducing us to the concept of HAES. Week 2 closing out the the weeks by giving tips and suggestions on how to find a little more self love. I don't think my sheets to the closing survey are going to vary much at all.if anything I may be according my self image lower than before - having to now fight to fix what their unorganized messaging has done. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad to have helped and have participated if only to give feedback for their future "studies".


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