Dream Vacation

A few weeks ago, towards the end of a fairly (unproductive) staff meeting, I may have been ordered to take a vacation.

Okay so maaaaybe I was stressing out a little. And maybe I was twitching as I talked about the upcoming (giant) projects we have due the beginning of September. And sure it was more of a "strong suggestion" than an actual ORDER......

But still she had a good point. It's been MONTHS since I've taken a real vacation (and not just an extended weekend at home)....and my next vacation wasn't planned until October. So I agreed.

The day this posts (hint hint: writing this in advance) I'll be far from home taking a short mini-vacation to visit one of my BFFs.

So while I'm somewhere far from home on a little R&R....I thought I'd post about one of my dream vacations....

There are a few big vacations I've wanted to take - New Orleans (which I'm doing this October), France, Italy....but the one place I've dreamed about for years are the Greek Islands.

Someday..... *sigh*

Where is your dream vacation?


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