Story Behind My Name

As more friends are having babies and trying to find that "perfect" name I thought it'd be fun to post about the story behind my name.

Morgan...was the name of a friend of my mother's. My mom always said that Morgan (or "Big Morgan" as she was called when I was younger) was one of the most talented women she knew. Morgan could play a dozen (plus) instruments, sew beautifully, sing, name it Morgan could do it..... No pressure right? Haha.

Morgan looking lovely
I do like to think that my own artistic talents and abilities stem from my namesake. After all I had artsy-big shoes to fill. the name of my maternal grandmother. That's got second bill next to a family friend. Haha. But I do love having my grandmother's name as my middle name. And recently a cousin gave her baby girl "Kathleen" as a middle name as well.

My grandfather, grandma, uncle, Mom and aunt

I believe I got my love for cat's eye glasses and Elvis from her. Haha!

So there you have it. Morgan Kathleen. That's me. 


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