DIY Unclogging a Sink

In today's world of chemicals and poisonous household products I'm always looking for a trick or natural alternative (and I don't mean those products that just say "all natural"). So this afternoon when we started to do dishes and our garbage disposal started regurgitating things back up at us...eww by the way...

So we plunged. And we let the disposal run and run; hoping to force out the clog. But still...spit spit sputter sputter.....ewwww

That's when I jumped online to figure out what we could do ourselves....You know that step just before crying and calling a plumber.

A number of and Yahoo boards repeatedly mentioned baking soda and vinegar but few mentioned at what proportions. The last thing I wanted was to turn my garbage disposal into a science fair volcano!!

After some searching I found one that mentioned 1/2 box baking soda to one cup vinegar. Let rest 15 minutes and then pour 4 quarters of boiling water down the drain.

I gave it a shot and it seemed to work.....I tried running the disposal again and this time there wasn't as much gurggling and back wash. So I poured another large pot of boiling water down the drain and it seemed to clear whatever was in there.

So next time you have a clogged sink - before you go out and buy some harmful drain cleaner, open your pantry and try some vinegar and baking soda first. You never know it might just work!


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