And I'm Back.....

Okay so I disappeared for a while. I was doing so good too....but life happens and then vacation happened. But I'm back and hopefully will be better at dedicating time to the blog.

I feel so much has happened in the last month....mostly a trip to New Orleans!! Woot Woot!!

My mother turned the big 6-0 this year and I wanted to do something extra special for her. So we booked a flight to Louisiana, started looking at Groupons, reserving spaces on tours and then on October 11th we boarded a plane and headed out for a week of fun.

There's also been planning of a baby shower for my cousin Grace...crafts, shopping, planning games and such.

I've also started seeing someone...well's still a little too soon to talk about the Canuck...maybe someday soon I'll share those goodies.

But yes. I'm back and planning to spend today (I'm home sick) posting and planning posts. So here we go.


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